Enfield in Bloom Update

Five months down the line and the Borough of Enfield is trying to get back to some normality whilst the pandemic continues.

Our Chairman Dennis, with other members of our Committee are still having to isolate due to health reasons. Their contact with anyone is kept to a minimum and the highlight of the day is a quick walk locally when there a few people around.  Many of us are walking around their neighbourhoods far more nowadays so looking at gardens becomes all the more interesting.

So many of your front gardens are looking splendid and now that a lot of people are returning to work and some kind of “normal life”. Hopefully care of your gardens will still continue.

A lot of the parks and open spaces are getting tidied up, but it is going to take some time for everywhere to get back to its best.  The Borough of Enfield has so many beautiful parks for our residents to enjoy.

Keep well and safe.

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