For us, one of the most important things we can do to combat climate change is to emphasise the personal, social, and environmental benefits of gardening and of course the Enfield in Bloom Gardening Competition is one of the very best ways in which we can do this.  There are many categories sponsored by local businesses or environmental groups who are committed to supporting our efforts to improve  our environment.  The variety of categories allows everyone to enter from Front Gardens to Best Residential Street, Communal Gardens and Best Environmental and Wildlife Gardens and Meadows. There is also a category for  Best School Grounds.  The competition is free, and the entrants are amateur gardeners who have a keen interest in gardening and a desire to brighten up our day with their beautiful flowers.  Judging takes place at end of June to the beginning of July. Consideration is given for design, colour, maintenance and for entries that look good all year round.  Account is taken for the difficulties of a site – perhaps it is awkward to water or on a public highway.   Please do not be hesitant in submitting your entry – why not just give it a go!!!. The Enfield in Bloom entry form can be obtained from May at the Civic Centre, libraries, leisure centres and some garden centres, or by downloading a copy from our web site which will also give a comprehensive list of categories.  For further information please contact: 

Competition co-ordinator – Ivor Wiggett