About Enfield In Bloom

Sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

About Enfield in Bloom: The Purpose of the Scheme

The ethos of the scheme is to encourage and make lasting improvements to our local environment through Horticultural best practice, environmental friendliness, community involvement and sustainability.

Enfield in Bloom encourages participation from local people to help improve our environment by volunteering for our Adopt a Flower Bed Scheme (which encourages sponsorship of raised beds/planters throughout the borough) Seasonal Bulb Planting, Wildflower planting. At present we have a mobile group of four committed volunteers who work on various projects across the borough weekly, and upwards of twenty volunteers who regularly maintain flowerbeds and planters.

The main emphasis with ‘In Bloom’ campaigns is now focused on the environmental and sustainability issues and was key themes of the Britain in Bloom campaign that encourages communities to ‘green up and clean up their neighbourhoods’.

Enfield in Bloom strive to develop activities and to connect with local people who are keen to ‘make a difference’ and work in partnership with local businesses, Friends of Parks Groups, Schools and volunteers. We are determined to do more with our knowledge and horticultural experience, to stimulate fresh thinking and to include and lead others on these important issues.

When you garden, your hands will harden

Your back will ache – how much can you take?

Why do we toil in the sun or the rain?

In four weeks’ there’ll be more weeds and litter again

And the shrubs will have grown at a ridiculous rate.

There’ll be bindweed and thistles

And cans used as missiles

To send them right into the depths of the bed.

There are bottles with drink in

– just what are they thinking?

And of course cigarette buts it has to be said.

On the bus like a tramp with a trolley full of tools

I find people stare and think I’m a fool.

I cringe if I see anyone that I know;

It can ruin relations, but there are compensations

When you look back at the bed and see a tidier show.

It’s hard work and mucky, but then if you’re lucky

A passerby says with a smile,

“I always look when I’m walking past

And now that I find you here at last

I can say how much I appreciate

What you do: it always looks great.”

And that makes it all worthwhile!